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Happy National CS Education week!

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Computer Science – NOT computer literacy – underlies most innovation today. Yet the majority of US schools only require that students use computers. Seldom do schools prepare students to innovate and create the new technologies that drive local and national economies. So, you will just have to be your own teacher by using online resources. This ability to innovate with technology is important for your future success and ability to make a difference in a global society.   – from Talking Points

I hope you will aspire to study computer science.

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In 2011 Karen North was a 28-year computer science, math, technology systems and business teacher. She is an officer with ISTE SIGCT and is on the CSTA Committee working on K-8 Model Curriculum. She is currently a Technology Specialist at an elementary school in Houston ISD, allowing her the opportunity to put into practice her CS research on the K-5 level. Ms. North began her advocacy for computing in the 1980s programming BASIC, Logo and the T.I. Calculator in math courses. She also sponsored the recycling club at her school and is chair of the education committee for Keep Houston Beautiful. Retired now still advocating for outdoor and computer science education. See her home site for her on going advocacy.

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  2. i want you to come back because i look up to you and your cool and fun to be around.i hope you could come whenever you can.and you could go to my facebook cause i might be on it this afternoon.

  3. Hello, Ms. North,
    Why do the kids who have no Build-a-Bears get one but the kids that have Build-a-Bears don’t get one? That is not fair because mine is all dirty and it is almost torn.

  4. So, you think it is not fair … Do you think kids should be given things or work for them? Also, if the Build-a-Bear is for all PIney Point students, don’t you have one too?

  5. I love teaching students who want to learn and will definitely come back to see you.
    I think you have to be 13 with parent approval to have a Facebook account. Do you think it is safe for you to have a Facebook account at your age? Have you showed this to Ms. Jost? Lets talk about this more F2F. Do you know what F2F means?

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