C U   R    I     O      S      I        T         Y

What is Curiosity?

What event is being celebrated Dec. 4th – 10th?
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In 2011 Karen North was a 28-year computer science, math, technology systems and business teacher. She is an officer with ISTE SIGCT and is on the CSTA Committee working on K-8 Model Curriculum. She is currently a Technology Specialist at an elementary school in Houston ISD, allowing her the opportunity to put into practice her CS research on the K-5 level. Ms. North began her advocacy for computing in the 1980s programming BASIC, Logo and the T.I. Calculator in math courses. She also sponsored the recycling club at her school and is chair of the education committee for Keep Houston Beautiful. Retired now still advocating for outdoor and computer science education. See her home site for her on going advocacy.

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  1. I really miss teaching you all to build your brains too. Check with your teacher or Ms. Jost about when you would like me to come back and what you would like to learn. They know my email and can write me. I don’t want to post it online because someone might take it and spam me and I like to be safe. Not a good idea to post email where search engines can find it.

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