History and Binary Day

Graphic from Google Survey - Theme Binary Blue
Graphic from Google Survey - Theme Binary Blue

When is Binary Day?
Please share your answers at: spreadsheets.google.com

DO: L.C Lesson 1 Creating Documents and Lesson 2 Formatting.
Computer Scientists program computers so you can use a Word Processor.
Binary code helps computers run. You can type up what you learn in the digital age by practicing creating and formatting documents.

Advanced Thinkers Only!
In the search engine Wolfram Alpha type:  11011 binary to decimal
Next  type  11111 binary to decimal

  • What answers did you get?
  • What pattern do you see? Try more numbers to find the process.
  • Would you like to learn binary math?

Advanced Doers:

  1. Download a Binary Clock:  http://www.sb-software.com/binaryclock/
  2. Dowload a Number Base Converter: http://www.sb-software.com/baseconverter/

For more fun:

  • Are you a BINARY KID?
  • Take the last 2 digits of the year you were born plus the age you will be this year and see if it EQUALS 11. If you were born in the 1900s, does it equal 111?

And be efficient – time yourself in binary.

Anelace “Electric Sand®” Timer
Anelace “Electric Sand®” Timer

Steps to code here.

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