Space by Ricardo

December 17, 2014
I am thinking about my student and wondering if he is studying space as I add a Space Videos to my blog.

May 29, 2012
I am thinking about my future projects. When I was born I always wanted to study space. So, off to my future this summer …

March 4, 2011
I commence when Ms. North told us that we need to do circles and we put our name. I didn’t want to do that, but I tried. And then I get mad because I did not know how to do it. Then I didn’t notice that the circle that I did was shaped as the sun. And I know that almost everything in the solar system is made of circles. Planets and the sun are shaped as circles so I commenced to do the solar system. When Ms. North saw what I was doing she said that it was nice and she told me that I write a story about it and how I got the idea. And I am telling the story I am writing now.
When I finished Ms. North told me that we can do a movie. For me it seemed like a good idea. When I went to computer again I started to write something new and add more things to my story.

Design Thinking in the Garden

Make life interesting.”
– Ridley Scott, Film Director and Producer
  1. Challenge: Watering  … Solution: Soaker Hoses
  2. Problem: Soaker Hose hangs over path in the garden maze.
  3. Challenge: Design a continuous path.
  4. Problem: Blocks are needed to enclose the soaker hose inside the garden maze.
  5. Challenge:  What data do you need to collect before buying the blocks?


Vegetable Planting Design Thinking Teamwork
  • Communication Essential: Share Unique Ideas and Debate for Quality.
  • DeBUG Unplanned Problems: Note there is a large ANT colony by maze entrance.
  • Innovation: It is OK to disagree, that is how we solve problems and think up new ideas.

Please share your answer with your teacher, add to this blog, or email Ms. North: knorth @ wt dot net. I have the money to buy the blocks, but need you to figure out how many blocks we need. Please join the CS STEM Green Club for future design thinking projects.


You have to follow your own instincts and
remain true to what you believe in.
To be Vogue has to mean something.
Vogue editor Anna Wintour

What should a cover do?

CBS Sunday Video on Vogue Covers

What would you put on a cover about what you believe in?

My Sunday School monthly themes:

Can you help me add the graphics?
Can you help me write a magazine about Brain Building?

Resources: Inspiration, Innovation, Work, History, Thinking

Computer Science Education

Happy National CS Education week!

Please make your pledge at

Computer Science – NOT computer literacy – underlies most innovation today. Yet the majority of US schools only require that students use computers. Seldom do schools prepare students to innovate and create the new technologies that drive local and national economies. So, you will just have to be your own teacher by using online resources. This ability to innovate with technology is important for your future success and ability to make a difference in a global society.   – from Talking Points

I hope you will aspire to study computer science.

Texas Aspirations in Computing NCWIT Affiliate Cares

Brain Reflections

Remember Reading This?
Remember Reading This?

As I end my 25 years of classroom teaching I am a little sad, as I have loved looking at the products you all have produced. As you end this school year, please reflect on what you have learned and the gardens you will grow. I wonder … will you be a Landscape Architect? You can write about your brain reflections for your future through technology and look back on your past when you graduate from college.

I am excited that connections can continue through blogging. I will be back next year as a volunteer to help my bloggers, my book writers, my binary learners and all who have questions. I would like to help students who want to create graphics, such as this 7 year old whose art was selected as the best. Remember your Google Art reflection project? Reflections are THINKING about your ideas. “Oh the THINKS you can THINK!”

Winning LOGO by an Elementary School kid
Winning LOGO by an Elementary School kid

I want to become an astronaut and explore space life. I want to wear a space suit, fly in space, walk on the moon and make friends with aliens in other planets.

So what do you want to be? Do you want to be an engineer that builds “Curiosity” and finds water and life on Mars.

I want to help increase your brain time. You can download the binary clock to your computer today. Remember Internet Safety, get permission from your parent before downloading anything at home. I hope you have enjoyed learning to count and add in the binary world. I hope you will not be ALIENS to this world of math that can connect you to the decimal world you know.

Rover called CURIOSITY searching for water and life on mars
Rover called CURIOSITY searching for water and life on mars
I hope your curiosity will take you on online journeys this summer that build your brain. I hope you find your passion for learning. Thank you my students for all you have taught me about my passion for teaching.

Garden Maintenance

STEP ONE: Print your Garden Story

  1. How does your garden story grow?
  2. Have you looked at the design to see if it can be improved?
  3. Look at Garden Photo Bulletin Board if your brain needs help thinking.

STEP TWO: Convert your Garden Story to Power Point
STEP THREE: Convert your Garden Story to Video
STEP FOUR: Maintain and upgrade your story by starting a blog.